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I started BASE Method online, my own fitness method and brand, when the world began closing its doors in the spring of 2020.

With its sweat, swear & shake motto, BASE has rocked as a crushable workout to give busy babes the chance to gain strength, sanity and straight damn joy.  Together.

I began Sweat, Swear + Shake, my blog and virtual home to stay connected, when my own world began to shut down.  

In September 2021, our baby girl was hospitalized after months of being diagnosed as failure to thrive.  While we came out of that experience with both renewed hope and a permanent feeding tube in place, I quickly realized I actually lost quite a bit of myself (and my sanity) along the way.

In efforts to stay connected and committed to the incredible BASE community that has endlessly stayed connected and committed to me, I wanted to continue our journey here.

BASE Method was developed with the belief that group fitness can be incredibly challenging, warmly supportive and ridiculously fun.

In simple terms, I believe this defines life as well.

Join me here where I'll look to share my thoughts and experiences on everything from motherhood to fitness, tube-life to teenagehood, marriage craziness to blended family madness. 

The goal?  

To offer honest, genuine and the occasional swear-happy insight into how I navigate this all.

With the ultimate goal:

To have you share the same.

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Tell me about you and what you're managing.

All of it, I want it all because I'm a greedy bitch.

Our collective strength isn't limited to our bodies.

Let's continue to build, support and rock a strong tribe.

See you inside.

-B xo

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