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How do you feel about Corn Nuts?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Me, personally- I love them. Like, I seek them out specifically every time I go to the gas station. I mean they are kinda a rare delicacy, being surprisingly hard to find at times. Now, you may not view them with as much affection as I do, nor would you potentially spend time trying to find them as enthusiastically. There are things however, that bring you this level of devotion. Where you seek it out with the sheer commitment to grab a hold of it, whether it be this salty goodness or something else entirely. For those things, we don't need to rely on self- motivation or discipline to make it happen. We just simply pursue it without giving it much thought. For other things, like say, exercise, we don't always have the same cravings. While I'd like to believe BASE serves as something you look forward to, you may not always feel like scouring the gas station for it. This is where our schedule matters. Where our routines matter. Where the habits we create step in to serve us when our desire for the salt fades. What schedule, routine, or habit can you set when it comes to moving with us? What can I provide that makes creating the time and space for BASE that much more consistent?

Giving the chance for schedule, routine and habit to take over. Think about it. Then share it with me. I mean, I will never be as delicious as Corn Nuts, but I will do my damndest to continue to provide a program and a community that both fills your belly and your heart. In sweaty gratitude, always, -B xo

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