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I hate making decisions.

Sounds kinda ridiculous, I realize, but it's true.

I mean, when it comes to mac n' cheese, Kraft all the way. No questions asked.

However in general, I spend too much time weighing things out.

My husband often gets annoyed by my inability here, mostly because he sees the torment it causes me. It's honestly annoying to me as well.

I usually get stuck somewhere between my head and my heart. Where each side battle it out without any sort of resolution.

Rather than over-complicate things, I wonder how much more decisive I'd be if I simply chose what would bring me joy. What ultimately would bring me more happiness.

I know, I know... some decisions are a helluva lot more complicated than this.

Okay, so what do we do then?

How about we choose what creates a little less of something that we don't want...

Say, the decision that makes us:

less miserable

less worried

less anxious

less stressed

less strained

By seeking what makes us feel a little less yuck, maybe we can confidently say yes or no to what gives us a bit more yum.

Speaking of deliciousness, that BASE burn lately has really been something I can sink my teeth into.

For me, rocking a class truly is a no brainer as it serves to fill my cup both in body and spirit.

Making time to move is something I should never be indecisive about.

The gains far exceed the sweat lost.

Here's to making some definitive ninja kick decisions this week, while maybe throwing a few into

class as well.

In sweaty gratitude, always,

-B xo

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