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I really wanted to come up with something funny or witty, but...

We're saying goodbye to my dog tomorrow night. I got nothing. It's time. I know this. I've known this, actually. And the gift of mental and emotional preparation has served me, despite the impending doom of this incredible loss. This rescue mutt has been with me for nearly 16 years now and it's genuinely strange to imagine life before her. Kinda like 2020, no? It's like, I obviously remember rocking classes in a studio, getting together regularly with my friends, having to actually try and look cute because I didn't have a mask covering my face... And yet, doesn't it kinda feel like another life ago? I keep coming back to what grounds me. What keeps me centered, what keeps me present and what keeps me looking forward. It's my family, of course. This growing gorilla belly. The holiday lights I see, the endless sugar I taste, the Bieb's Christmas serenades,... the soul-filled things I can almost wrap myself up in. And it's BASE. It's you. The clarity, focus and purpose that I'm fueled by to keep this community and this train rolling. It is genuinely another emotional blanket I can use for warmth when things get chilly... or just freakin' sad. So tomorrow morning, let's sweat a bit, strengthen some, laugh some more, say weird, awkward or inappropriate things... oh wait, that will probably just be me... And let's grab a hold of what makes us feel good, celebrating moving our bodies as we warm our hearts. In sweaty gratitude always, -B xo

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