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So I went into the bathroom to give a urine sample...

Almost sounds like I'm about to tell a joke like, "okay so 2 guys walk into a bar..." I mean, it is kinda funny. Thing is, I literally went into the bathroom at the doc's office to fill a glorious cup of the good stuff. Grabbed the cup, pulled down my pants, sat on the toilet and proceeded to pee. As I held the cup. In my hand. In my lap. Uhh, yeah, not under the yellow stream. So I peed in the toilet while holding the cup, staring at it blankly. Total urine sample success if you ask me. I share this story because it makes me think of how class this week will likely be with me back on the skedge. Clearly, there won't be urine involved (well, umm, hmm- I can't say this for certain when I jump)- but for you all, don't worry. You'll be yellow-free. I share this more because this is how scattered my brain is right now. My thoughts are all over the place... my focus is lacking... my roaming moods? Don't even get me started there. However, you can believe I'm ready to share some space with you all. To see your faces, to sweat, swear and shake alongside you, to just enjoy moving my body in whatever form its going to take right now.

It's well, honestly, everything I need. Who knows however what's going to come out of my mouth as I teach. Fingers crossed it's not more chatter about urine. In sweaty gratitude, always, -B xo

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