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Well hellooo, dollies!

Welcome MYRA, HANNAH & HEATHER! Our newly minted and talented trainers joining the BASE Method team. Trust me when I say these babes will have you sweatin', swearin' and shakin' in no time. All hailing from incredible fitness backgrounds, what's most awesome is that they fundamentally share in this: A genuine desire to motivate, challenge and support your fitness goals with the belief that in moving our bodies, we'll also strengthen our belief in ourselves. So much of what defines BASE is its promise to increase our confidence as we work. To fire up some joy as we feel the burn in our muscles. To commit, support and show up for ourselves as much we do for one another. With the expansion of our BASE instructor crew, the goal is simply to bring even more variety and fun to your current experience. Sound good? I mean, really- who doesn't want to have even more fun while they work? In sweaty gratitude, always, -B xo

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