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What's your why?

I realize you could interpret this question in countless ways. I suppose I could be asking, what's your why for getting up in the morning? ...For pursuing professional success? ...To workout? ...To be here, rocking your BASE? I ask this because it's something that I'm continuously exploring with BASE Method and the community and brand I'm trying to build. Yes, I love teaching fitness. Yes, I am fueled by sharing some sweat with my friends. Of course, working out keeps my crazy (somewhat) at bay. However, none of these reasons reveal my why.

Why I'm still here.

Why I'm bringing on others to teach the method.

Why I'm continuing to push forward, gorilla-style and all. In truth, my why's are endless. I want you to feel successful. I want you to feel powerful, motivated, and strong. I want you to enjoy moving your body freely without regards for how hard you push or how long you hold. I want you to aspire for more, always, and yet share in the feeling that where you are today is exactly where you should be. I want you to feel seen, connected, supported, empowered. I want you to feel you can lean into me and this community to hold yourself accountable and offer the same for others. I want you to feel like anything is possible. I want our connection to always run deep to ensure that you know I’m always here, endlessly cheering you. I want to offer something consistent and efficient, to provide a workout that you both look forward to and can easily find time for. I want you to know you while we burn, sweat and work, we'll have a damn good time. I want you to walk away feeling confident, positive about yourself and what you just accomplished, and most importantly, happy. Does that seems like too much? In truth, I could keep going. But in recognizing the depth of which my why exists, I feel almost incapable to stop now. What's your why? For honestly, anything that you devote or spend time doing? How can we better focus our time on the things that matter most? Where our why list seems endless... Where we are powerless to ignore because it simply lights our soul up that deeply? For me it's BASE. And how this still feels like it's only just the beginning. In sweaty gratitude, always, -B xo

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